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Dec 4th, 2017

Congressional Republicans to reconcile differences between the House and the Senate versions of the new 'Welfare for the Wealthy Program' tax bills!

Re. Brady (R-Tx) to lead reconciliation of House and Senate tax bills as GOP looks for fast answers

Republicans in the House on Monday designated members to serve on the “conference committee” that will sort through tax bill differences with Senate colleagues. Senate Republicans are expected to appoint their members later this week.

Congress is attempting to gut America and the Middle-Class! PLEASE get this straight - This hurts ALL Idahoans; both Democrat & Republican!

Both House & Senate versions of the Republican tax bill remove deductions that benefit us all. They also demonstrate 'debt neutral' hypocrisy, because suddenly increasing the debt is okay. This tax bill increases the debt, which opens a legal 'backdoor' to make cuts to Medicare and Social Security, at the expense of the sick and elderly - Our people! This implements a new 'Welfare for the Wealthy' Program, where they 62% of the financial benefit from this bill to support the wealthy top 1% - ALL at the expense of the poor and middle class! And the Republicans refused to allow the Democrats to read the bill. The final bill is over 400 pages, with 'many' scribbled notes in the margins, so which Republicans actually read the whole bill? Democrats had to learn details from lobbyists, and only a couple hours before the vote!

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Dec 3rd, 2017

Fulcher gets endorsement from the Koch brothers SuperPAC!

The Spokesman-Review: "Fulcher gets superPAC backing"

(2nd article down)

FreedomWorks, originally formed as 'Citizens for a Sound Economy' in 1984 by brothers Charles and David Koch, is national advocacy and campaign group associated with the tea party has announced its endorsement of Russ Fulcher in the race for Idaho’s open 1st District congressional seat in 2018.

We can stand up to the Koch brothers and the top 1%, but we must resist their efforts to divide us, and stand united against this threat to our way of life and our country. This is not a battle about Party, but a battle for ALL Idahoans - both Democrats and Republicans are being hurt. And it is a battle we can win if we come together to protect our schools, healthcare, public lands... You can also help by clicking on the little red button in the top right corner!

>Reality Check? = - FreedomWorks for America

Dec 1st 2017

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty - Signals Deal with Prosecution

NYT: Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the F.B.I.

The Mueller investigation is well within Trump's White House Administration. Though don't know the full details of Michael Flynn's plea agreement, he has pleaded guilty to a felony - lying to the FBI regarding his contact with Russian agents - and what that contact was about. A 'plea deal' means that many other criminal charges do exist, but are not being pursued, this in exchange for Flynn sharing his knowledge of the criminal activity of others. As one who lived through the 'Cuban Missile Crisis', knowing that the threat from Russia was very real, I was one of millions of kids made to hide under our school desks once or twice a week for the national air raid drills, and had to stay there until the 'all clear' siren. As though that would save us from a nuclear strike! And also one who can see that those missiles are actually flying now - just in the form of Facebook posts, Tweets, and state voter file hacking, using propaganda to spread lies, distortions and misinformation. And Michael Flynn was apparently complicit! General Flynn, who served with distinction in our armed forces and intelligence (DIA), for some reason since retiring, has worked for and aided adversarial foreign powers against the interests and security of the United States, and received a payment from the Russian government-funded news outlet RT in 2015 after being told by the military that he could not accept money from foreign governments in his retirement. There was a day that the word 'traitor' would have been utter by all, regardless of ideology. This calls into serious question whether the Army should investigate if warrants him being stripped of his rank & pension.

> Flynn;18-USC-1001 Criminal Indictment

> Flynn;Plea Agreement

> Flynn; Statement of the Criminal Offense

Nov 10-14th

"Bringing People Together" - James Vandermaas' Official Announcement Tour

Be prepared to be heard! Jim is planning to officially announce running for the 1st Congressional District of Idaho on Veterans Day weekend. The Campaign plans to start our announcement 'Bringing People Together/Listening Tour' in Sand Point, then Coeur d'Alene, and continue working southward to, Plummer, Moscow, Lewiston, McCall, Eagle, Meridian, Caldwell & Nampa, New Plymouth/Fruitland area, and ending in Kuna! Stay tuned for more specific details for your area, as we will put out a more detailed itinerary. "Bringing People Together" is so much more than a slogan, and so much more than a campaign message; it is the character and driving concept of our campaign! Most of us want the same things for ourselves, our families, and for Idaho; realizing that our differences are actually smaller than they seem, and that putting those differences aside and voting as one strong block is the solution to winning in 2018! The Tour details will be posted on our calendar soon - as soon as our calendar is done being built!

Oct 13-15th

Clint Stennett Fall Meeting and Training

James went to Pocatello for the Clint Stennett Fall Meeting and Training Weekend! He attended Saturday and Sunday, and was very pleased to meet with U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley from Oregon, who was the keynote speaker for the conference. James and Jeff hit it off from the start, both very down to earth, sharing family stories as well as agreement on many issues. And both clearly concerned about putting people and their interests before politics. They will be keeping in touch...

Oct 6-8th

Kootenai County Democrats

On his latest trip to North Idaho from October 6th-8th, James Vandermaas met with the Kootenai County Democrat Candidate Recruitment and Support Committee to introduce himself and listen to what Kootenai Democrats are concerned with. Some of the Democrats in attendance included Paula Niels, the Chair of the Kootenai Democrat Central Committee, Richard Rolland, the Vice Chair of the KCDCC, Christopher Matthews, the Chair of the Candidate Recruitment Committee, and Shem Hanks, the President of the Kootenai Democratic Club. James showed genuine knowledge and a precise plan for what he would do if elected in areas of Education, Business Relations, Healthcare, and an ingenious idea of factoring in cost of living factors to better adjust the livable wage for specific communities.

James was asked about DACA and the committee was very pleased with his support of these young productive members of our county, who have put themselves out there. When asked how he would respond to moderate and progressive Democrats, Mr. Vandermaas illustrated his plan for a ‘Coalition of Democracy” to bring everyone together to give all Idahoans in Congressional District 1 a voice, one unified voice regardless of whether you are conservative, progressive, Republican, Democrat, or anything in between.

James left the meeting with more support and greater excitement in the prospect of a competent, well-organized, and decisive Democrat running for Congress. A serious contender for a serious seat. The committee was very impressed with the ease and knowledge James was able to show when he answered questions on the fly, showing his genuine and decisive nature. The Committee felt confidant that James Vandermaas could bring together Idahoans regardless of party. On Saturday James and Cindy attended “Disco Inferno 2017: 80’s Dance Explosion": the fourth annual benefit for Coeur d’Alene School District 271 school libraries, taking the night to support our Schools.

-Christopher S. Matthews, Candidate Recruitment/Support Committee Chair

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