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Meet James...

James is probably like most of you. He went through the school of hard knocks… maybe harder than most. He was born in Maryland, has two sisters, and was abandoned by his father when he was just a one year old. If you can imagine a divorced woman raising three kids – James and his two sisters – all by herself in the late 50’s and 60’s, you know that he had to grow up fast. His mother did the best she could, but they were raised in poverty. From about nine years old, James and his sisters had to work hard and contribute all they earned to help support the family. James moved out on his own at sixteen, joking that to be able to get by, he had to be eighteen for about three years, until he caught up!

James has an early history of the public service spirit: at fourteen he volunteered at a local fire department and later became a fireman/EMT-paramedic. Later, he turned to a career in law enforcement, from which he retired about 6 years ago. Even while in law enforcement, James was no stranger to hard work and he also started several businesses, ran a successful telecommunications company, and has done business consulting and work on non-profits since.

James is proud of his three wonderful sons. He has been “mister mom” since 2000, eventually with full custody, and like many of us juggled quality time, work and daycare for years. His oldest son is a Marine who served for nine years in the United States Marines Corps with three tours in Iraq. His middle son is now working in Florida to be close to his sweetheart, and his youngest still lives here in Idaho.

James has a wide range of knowledge and experience including; business management and consulting, Police/Fire 911 communications, dispatcher/trainer, SWAT Team, GIS Crime analysis mapping, Technical Services Unit, Vice-President on the P.A.L. (Police Activities League) Board, mentoring to youth and troubled kids to prevent gang activity, member of the County Sheriff’s Cliff and Dive Search and Rescue team, various homeland security related assignments, shop-steward & contract negotiator, and a bone marrow donor.

My Vision for Idaho!

I have a vision for an Idaho where;

  • We ALL have healthcare
  • We can get the education we want and fulfill our potential
  • Where we all receive at least a living wage
  • With infrastructure projects that create even more jobs afterwards
  • Actual tax ‘reform’ that rewards investment in employee retention and creates more jobs in Idaho
  • AND takes the tax burden off the poor & middle-class!
  • Where we know Social Security & Medicare are safe from attack as ‘entitlements’
  • An Idaho where equal rights are respected as a ‘given’
  • And where our public lands are no longer under assault from those who would sell them off!

  • This is a vision that knows no party or ideology, a vision we all can share, and is my vision for all Idahoans!

    Why I am Running!

    Very proud father with my son at his wedding. He served over 8 years, with three tours in Iraq.

    We need Someone working for us who actually cares about, listens to and represents ALL the people of Idaho, and has the will and determination to get things done that benefit everyone!

    I am tired of sitting on the sidelines when I know the people of Idaho are not being properly represented or respected. I have good ideas and solutions that can help make life better for us all. I can see the big picture and am very solution oriented – we already have the tools to be able to do more with less – we just need the right leadership to get us there and get it done!

    My history reveals a strong background and wide range of experience; in public service, support of labor, Community Outreach, and an in-depth understanding of business. All great experience that can help me do this job the way it should be done!

    And most importantly - I have NOT forgotten what it’s like to start with nothing, and have to struggle for a better life...

    America is a wonderful experiment in Democracy, but we must pay attention for it to work. We can no longer follow the few who think only of themselves, but work to elect people who listen to all of us, and want to represent ALL of us. Our Constitution puts people first, not any political party. And if we want a Constitutional representative government, we must elect those who put the interests of 'the people' first - NOT any Party!

    Ways to support


    I am fighting to move Idaho, and our nation forward, no matter how powerful the folks standing in our way.

    • Those in power are well funded and we aren’t!
    • They are in office, and we aren’t!
    • And they will stay in office, unless...

    ...unless; we all come together, put our differences aside, unite, work hard for what we believe in, and contribute what you can to help our campaign succeed!

    We cannot continue to elect the few who think only of themselves and are not properly representing Idaho, or you! I firmly believe that America is ready for representatives that are one of them; that listen to the people and put them first, that understand our lives, and that have lived in tough times and had to work hard on their way to a better life.

    I’m running now because I can’t stand to see anyone try to make it even harder to have a 'better life', or take away what we've worked so hard for. With so much on the line, we have to unite and stand together. I need your help to ensure that ALL our voices are heard, and that I can speak for you! I also don't want your 'one-time' donation to hurt, so see what you can afford monthly and consider a recurring donation.  In these times, it is truly an investment in protecting our future!

    Please, donate now and let’s make sure our voices are heard! –Jim

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