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Contrary to what we've been told, people can and do die from a lack of healthcare. And we ALL do have a right to healthcare. Healthcare for all can be a reality! We must fill the coverage gaps ASAP, insuring as many as we can by supporting Medicaid Expansion. We must stop the Congressional sabotage that's causing insurance companies to raise our premium costs. Currently, Congress is intentionally withholding the 're-insurance' subsidy payments that they owe insurance companies, which forces them to adjust, causing them to raise their rates to stay in business - making us think the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to blame for the rate hikes.

We can strengthen and expand Medicare in phases, covering everyone and lowering costs. We can stabilize the market by fixing the current laws, having Congress actually pay what they promised, then reducing more costs by repealing the Republican's restriction not allowing Medicare to negotiate down drug prices and other services. There is no immediate solution without Republican's help.

AND, in the meantime, even though this is a state legislative issue, I will do everything I can to support 'Medicaid Expansion' in Idaho, and across the country. It makes NO sense that Idaho is currently refusing to accept what amounts to a 90% discount for providing healthcare for those 78,000+ Idahoans that remain uninsured. And for what reason - misguided pride? Refusing to expand Medicaid for the 78,000+ Idahoans making less than $12,100, when that Medicaid is 90% paid for is fiscally irresponsible, callous and heartless. No one should be without healthcare!

While trying to pay back their major donors and the wealthiest 2%, this Congress ignores the fact that providing basic, necessary healthcare is much cheaper than having the uninsured utilizing the most expensive and least efficient portions of our medical system, like hospital emergency rooms.

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Public Lands

Idaho is NOT for sale! Keep public lands public and protected, accessible for hunting, recreation, and for our enjoyment. The State of Idaho cannot afford to maintain and protect these lands like the Federal government does, and our State Legislature already knows this. If the Federal Government is forced to turn control over to the state, Idaho could not afford to maintain them and would have to sell our lands. Then our public lands would be inaccessible and gone forever - We cannot let this happen!

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Educated citizens are one of our most valuable assets, and somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that. Education is an investment in the future of our children, an essential investment our nation’s future, and the key to our long-term economic success, growth and prosperity.

I will work for federal and state legislative support of education to create a viable Pre-K program and prepare high school students for careers, whether through vocational/technical certifications, or 2 or 4-Year college degrees. For too long, most people have assumed that the only alternative after high school is to pursue a 4-year degree or to find your own way. Promises of only a free '4-year college for all' ignore the millions of citizens who have a different calling.

Education is key to successful employment, good wages, and the opportunity to work at a job you want. The reality is that not all of us are cut out for, or even want a 4-year degree. Many of us just want to follow our passions and interests, and go to vocational or technical school or pursue a 2-year degree. To build a stronger and more effective workforce, we should focus on ALL post-secondary education, and that education should be provided by a program that is self-sustaining and paid for. I have that plan! My proposal is a tuition-free post-secondary education that targets all of our educational goals, which is foundational for a 'Trickle-Up' economy and rebuilding our middle-class. This program is called 'Scholar-Quest'!

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The program is called 'Scholar-Quest' and is designed to work both as state & federal programs. Scholar-Quest is a program which is not only paid for, but targets ALL post-secondary students, and builds a mutually beneficial relationship with business, ensuring relevant curriculum with input from industry leaders - AND CREATES JOBS! This program is predicated upon the concept of mutual benefit. Businesses need well-educated & trained employees to succeed, and employees need viable businesses for jobs and living wages.

This plan would make education free through tax incentives and reforms for business and industry by reducing corporate and business taxes in constructive and productive ways that encourage change in business and industry focus to employee education and retention. Specifically, this program is paid for by direct tax-deductible contributions by large and small businesses, creating the Scholar-Quest fund. A fund specifically designed for education. In return, this program would require graduates to perform 'community service pay-back', giving back to the community through monthly volunteer hour requirements.

Student debt is crippling our economy. Currently, our total U.S. student debt is $1.3 trillion, which is larger than both credit card and auto loans combined! And this is money that is going straight to the banks - NOT into our economy. Using Scholar-Quest, the elimination of student debt would be accomplished through the same community service pay-back program. We can also reduce remaining debt by allowing refinancing at lower and more competitive rates. This would unleash tremendous economic activity by lowering interest rates on student loans and re-directing money from the banks back into the economy.

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Jobs and Wages

My goal is to create a more educated and well-trained workforce, tax relief plans that encourage investment that both stimulate and grow the economy and our workforce. Create affordable jobs using targeted infrastructure, education, job training, and tax relief plans that both stimulate and grow the economy.

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Tax cuts should stimulate the economy and work to strengthen the middle-class. These 'trickle-down economics' tax plans have been tried and don't work - We need to create a 'trickle-up' tax plan that will put more money in the hands of the people who will spend it into the economy. I will fight to cut waste and eliminate any unnecessary taxes, invest in infrastructure projects that create actual return on our investment, creating jobs both from actual work on the projects, but also from the new markets those projects help to create. Increase our tax revenue by creating more 'affordable-wage jobs'. I will work to create a balanced budget, with any and all surplus going into a cash reserve, and to pay down our national debt.

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Social Security / Medicare

We paid for these programs with our hard earned money, and I will protect these programs so we get what we deserve! You, your parents and grandparents have paid for these programs all your working lives and you deserve to get the benefits you paid for. Congress took trillions of dollars in IOU's for our money it "borrowed" from our Social Security and Medicare. If we can make them repay it, plus the current 2.5 Trillion dollar surplus, we can keep Social Security and Medicare safe, and give us the time to fix any remaining long range issues. The Congress changed the method used to calculate cost of living increases, so now the increases can't keep up with inflation, and our elderly suffer even more. I will work to ensure that Social Security payments re-adjust, and keep pace with inflation.

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It's time for all of us to invest in Solar and Wind energy, because they are free. Not only are these sources cheap, safe, and won't run out, but using these sources will create good-paying jobs here in Idaho. Investing in Wind and Solar energy makes economic sense, even for homeowners. With increased solar tax credits and the roll-over tax deduction, homeowners can assist Idaho in becoming the first state to reduce energy cost while protecting our environment.

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We need to create a 'Trickle-Up' economy; a more realistic economic concept that puts money in the hands of the lower-income people and middle-class will bolster the economy, creating more business opportunities and even more jobs. Promoting this type of growth requires infrastructure development and investment in our most precious resource – our people! We create a strong economy when we have a strong middle-class, all our citizens are trained and working, and when our citizens and business have the environment necessary to thrive. We need each other; businesses provide jobs, and an employed middle-class buys. Supporting both workers and business, encouraging and strengthening that reliance as an 'alliance' in working toward mutual success.

And currently, student loan debt is larger than all credit card debt in America - decreasing or eliminating that debt will put more cash into the economy, increasing economic growth and employment. We need to stop paying the banks and the top 2% and put that money into our economy.

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Homeland Security

I spent over 44 years in public service, initially as a Fireman/EMT-Paramedic, and with over 30 years in Law Enforcement helping to keep people safe. As a former member of a SWAT Team, Sheriff's Cliff-Dive Search and Rescue, work in our Information Technologies Unit dealing with cyber and security issues, and more, I will continue keeping Americans safe. I will demand that DHS and the Justice Department take the Russian threat seriously and do all it can to protect America’s elections from manipulation.


Treat all immigrant humanely, enforce existing laws, and reform what doesn't work, with particular attention to worker visas in support of our agriculture and our dairy industries.


These kids were raised here in America, America is all they know or remember, and they are all contributing to America. They learn, they work, pay taxes and contribute to America, and many are serving in our military. And all DACA children have gone through an in depth vetting process before qualifying. I will work to make DACA an actual law with a path to citizenship, so these kids can be protected from and not subject to the whims of any executive in the White House.

Campaign Finance

We must find a way to reverse the 'Citizens United' decision. Citizen United unfortunately allows the top 2% to give unlimited amounts of money to be used in our elections. And these are unknown contributors and large corporations that are only looking out for 'their' interests, not you and me. Currently, SuperPACs are formed and the 'unknown contributors' spend unlimited amounts of money for the purpose of 'buying' elections, spreading exaggerations, negative and deceptive advertising, and sometimes just plain lies - effecting our choices. In order for our elections to truly be fair, for us to be able to make informed choices, and for our voices to be heard, this must stop!

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2nd Amendment

Over half our population have guns and do handle them responsibly. My concerns are for those few that endanger our families and loved ones. We can protect the second amendment and still implement common sense gun safety legislation that makes all of us safer including background checks, waiting periods, and increased training for gun owners. I will work to make progress on implementing key gun safety measures that protect our rights, our families and loved ones, and keep us safe.


My Scholar-Quest educational plan is also an investment in a "Path to Work", helping those on public assistance to be productive again by providing the educational tools they need to get back on their feet, and off welfare, creating productive tax-paying citizens. 'If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime'. The system is clearly broken and unfortunately designed to keep people on welfare -'How is it broken'?  

Through education, job training and placement, these folks get the tools necessary for their success, get off welfare services and productive members of our community, saving us all money in the long run.

Middle Class

A strong and productive middle-class is what spends the money that creates a productive economy, NOT the top 1 or 2%. We must change to a 'trickle up' economy that gives advantage to the people that actually spend money in this economy! For some reason, the wealthy top 1 or 2% don't seem to understand that a healthy economy is driven by a healthy middle-class, which should still make them money - but not at the expense of the middle class. The 'trickle down economy' has been tried before and clearly failed.

What's good for the middle-class 'is' what's good for our economy, and for America!


This is a personal decision that each woman has the right to decide for herself, and I firmly believe it is not for me to judge or legislate the personal choices of others. My choice is to allow every individual to exercise their inalienable right to make their own decisions.

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