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I am fighting to move Idaho, and our nation forward, no matter how powerful the folks standing in our way.

  • Those in power are well funded and we aren’t!
  • They are in office, and we aren’t!
  • And they will stay in office, unless...

...unless; we all come together, put our differences aside, unite, work hard for what we believe in, and contribute what you can to help our campaign succeed!

We cannot continue to elect the few who think only of themselves and are not properly representing Idaho, or you! I firmly believe that America is ready for representatives that are one of them; that listen to the people and put them first, that understand our lives, and that have lived in tough times and had to work hard on their way to a better life.

I’m running now because I can’t stand to see anyone try to make it even harder to have a 'better life', or take away what we've worked so hard for. With so much on the line, we have to unite and stand together. I need your help to ensure that ALL our voices are heard, and that I can speak for you! I also don't want your 'one-time' donation to hurt, so see what you can afford monthly and consider a recurring donation.  In these times, it is truly an investment in protecting our future!

Please, donate now and let’s make sure our voices are heard! –Jim

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