Meet Jim


The INTEGRITY to tell the truth, PERSEVERANCE to be heard, and the DEDICATION to act.


Our country is a wonderful disorganized mess of disparate ideas and political philosophies, comprised of people from all different walks of life, genders, races & ethnicities, and actually such diversity that I can’t even list them all here! And despite all those differences, what has always held us together as a country is our ideals, our values, and the intrinsic support for our right to be who we are, love who we love, and to defend those who can’t defend themselves.  And the basic democratic concepts of majority rule and being constructed for the common good of all. 

Many of us seem to have forgotten that our US Constitution is purposefully designed to force our elected officials, regardless of how extreme their ideas may be, to come together and hammer out compromise and solutions that work for the greater good of all. If we don’t follow this design, then nothing gets done – what we are experiencing now.

In spite of the divisions we feel today, I know that if on a human level we just focus on those interests and concerns that we all share – that we all want the best for our families, neighbors and our country, our differences will fade, and we will begin to feel the hope again, and that a brighter future is within our grasp.

My entire life has been dedicated to public service, and in spite of being retired, I know I am not done, as there is so much more to do. 

I am ready to work for all of Idaho!

On the Issues


The reality is that most of the issues we face are so intertwined, that you can’t really deal with only one or two at a time, but must consider them as a package, designed to work together, and approach them on a more comprehensive level. This is a mistake many of our current legislators make; rush to create a simple solution that makes them look good, but usually complicates things further, which is how ‘bureaucratic red tape’ is born.”

Working for ALL Idahoans!

Help me build a better future for our great state of Idaho! Join me to stand up for the values that so desperately need fighting for now more than ever!