Many in Idaho should realize that much of the spread of Covid-19 is a problem that we have created ourselves.  Many people listened to Sen. Risch and our president, and were convinced that Covid-19 was a hoax, did not take it seriously, and behaved ‘normally’, spreading the virus to others.  And many others have treated it as though it’s just another ‘emergency’ blown out of proportion by a political party or the press, and did not act responsibly, also potentially spreading the virus.

If you fall into either of these groups, perhaps ask yourself what possible motives would anyone have to start a ‘hoax’ or ‘fake emergency’ for political purposes? And conversely, ask yourself what kind of human beings, with what possible motives, would intentionally put all of us at risk by calling a real deadly pandemic a ‘hoax’ or ‘fake emergency’?  

We are lacking real leadership in Idaho and especially in our national representation.  

Thanks to terminating the White House Pandemic Office, and defunding/dismantling related parts, we are lacking the ‘wall’ that Obama built, and the healthcare infrastructure necessary to successfully combat this pandemic. We are supposed to be the richest and smartest country, but thanks to this inept delayed start, we are about 30-days behind on implementing policy and procedures to flatten the infection curve.  Though several Senators did pay attention and took this crisis seriously – when they sold their stocks…

It is never too late to start doing the right thing, and there are other countries who are having great results in using actual prevention models that we should copy.

If I was already in the Senate, what would I do?

  • Get FEMA & CDC to work together to coordinate with and develop a partnership with all States, using one national approach to mitigation and eradication of Covid-19,
  • Enact & actually implement the Defense Production Act, and coordinate based upon specific needs of the States,
  • Repeal the 2017 Trump Tax Law for all people and corporations earning over $153K (pandemics are expensive!)
  • Create TARP 2.0, focused on small to larger businesses/industries, but exclude ANY golden parachutes/bonuses/Stock buy-backs, etc., and with specific directed use of funds, for; employee retention, businesses that have ancillary business dependencies (high employment impact), employee sick leave, etc..
  • Relax Public Health Lab verification process that is slowing testing,
  • Fund Covid19 tests for all, especially new ‘Rapid Testing’ kits
  • To prevent further spread, we must be testing those who ‘may’ be sick, but are asymptomatic, or had possible ‘contact’ with any known infected persons
    • Those testing ‘positive’ can be isolated until the virus runs its course, and be stopped from accidentally spreading,
    • Those with known ‘contact’ can be quarantined until tested,
  • Test for those who may have already had the virus and now have their natural immunity.
    • Those who have already had the virus and have their natural immunity (antibody test) can go back to work, or volunteer to help others who are at risk.
  • Eventually test everyone –
  • Fund PPE’s for Healthcare workers & Volunteers
  • Fund/Support telecommuting support pkgs for small/medium sized businesses to keep people working/employing & employed
  • Educate to slow CV-19 transmission; flatten curve & protect the vulnerable We will get Covid19 & get better-the key is to slow the spread
  • And push our State Legislature to do their jobs – Work FOR and PROTECT the people of Idaho!
  • Re-institute the ‘Fairness Doctrine’, re-tooled to cover all news media, or anything pretending to be ‘news’, on broadcast, cable, or internet. Honest and accurate information without political distortion will help to save lives and reduce panic.
    • Perhaps call it the ‘Fox Hunt’ bill… Their mis-information is now putting lives at risk.
  • Healthcare – related Covid-19 expenses covered fully via existing private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, & ACA.

We would probably have not been able to prevent this from hitting our country, but we sure as heck could’ve prevented how severe the physical and economic impact, and prevented our ‘infection curve’ from looking like Italy’s, and probably more like So. Korea’s. 

Again, a profound lack of leadership…  Sen. Risch – You are still in office – Please use your time left to help your people and not your Party!