I attended a Town Hall for the Valley County Dems on Weds with opponent, where we were both asked about our positions on various issues, including a ‘Living Wage’. Quite frankly I figured this was a ‘softball’ question for both of us, but was quite surprised at my opponents failure to commit to a definitive answer.

After several minutes talking about unrelated issues, she called the topic ‘minimum wage’, then validated unsupported concerns of the Right, saying “businesses must have security”, before mentioning anything about our under-paid workers “workers must be supported too”, then closing by saying “This is an issue we can ‘address’ in Congress”, which puts this important topic off even longer.

This is an issue that should never be hard or side-stepped! We should NEVER pander to anyone who believes a ‘minimum wage’ is still a viable solution. Nor anyone that still thinks this should be postponed, and ‘addressed’ at some later date – by those that can’t see the value – for both our workers, businesses and our economy – in people being paid a ‘Living Wage’.

Unlike all the flat $15 per hour plans we have heard about , my ‘Geo-fiscal Living Wage’ plan is actually practical for any area of the country, being adaptable & flexible – always taking into consideration the market conditions of the different local economies. The living wages appropriate for Boise or even smaller areas should never be equated to an appropriate living wage for Seattle, Chicago, or any other expensive large metropolitan area.
Troubling is that my opponent was a proponent of a living wage in the past, but now doesn’t seem to have a ‘position’, and can’t even discuss ‘minimum wage’ until after she’s elected.

And most troubling, is that Sen Risch has had the same opinion for years! We already have a minimum wage that has been repeatedly ‘addressed in Congress’ since the 1970’s, and it is still only $7.25 per hour in Idaho, and even less for ‘tip’ workers! How can anyone ignore this, and not want to commit to Living Wage for our workers?!


Excerpt of Valley County Dems Town Hall