2nd Amendment

Gold and copper bullets with clip on top of a document

Contrary to what many may assume, if you are a responsible gun owner, I do not want to take away your guns.

We live in a time of random violence, mass shootings, our kids at risk in schools, people killing our families and friends with firearms, destroying people’s lives, and making us ALL feel unsafe – which is heartbreaking and makes it clear that these people should never have access to firearms.  Responsible gun owners understand that these criminals are giving all gun owners a bad name, and if this is allowed to continue, responsible gun ownership could be at risk.  I am not a believer in punishing everyone for the criminal behavior of a few.

99%+ of gun owners handle ownership responsibly, and know that there are some people who they would never trust with a firearm.  Comprehensive Universal Background Checks actually protect responsible a gun owner’s right to ownership, while also while helping to identify and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those that may do hurt our families.

Comprehensive Universal Background Checks actually identify who the good guys are, you, and protecting the rights you deserve while making it easier to identify those who should not have a firearm. We will never be able to stop all gun violence as there is no single or simple cure or solution, but identifying, protecting, and rewarding those of us responsible gun owners that do everything right will go a long way to keeping guns out of the hands of those who should never have a firearm.

Every person has the right to feel and be safe from gun violence, in our community, our Churches, and especially in our children’s schools, and I believe we should not penalize all gun owners for the actions of the few.