Education is key to successful employment, good wages, and the opportunity to work at a job you want.

Early childhood education is a given. Children begin learning much sooner than many people think, so should their education.

For too long, society has told us that the only alternatives after high school is either to pursue a 4-year degree or to find whatever employment you could with a high school diploma. And the promises of a ‘4-year college degree for all’ ignore the millions of citizens who have a different calling.

We need to prepare high school students for the careers they are best suited for, whether through vocational/technical certifications, or 2-year or 4-Year college degrees.

And post-secondary education should be free, or as inexpensive as possible – as long as you earn it! I have a plan that expands current programs like the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, but under a larger and more comprehensive ‘Community Service Pay-Back Program’ – An expansive program where ALL student loan debt can be worked off over time by any student, and no payments are due as long as the student is actively participating in the ‘Pay-Back’ program.

Much of the cost of providing post-secondary education for all can be significantly defrayed by partnerships with business/employers investments, State & Federal via my proposed and voluntary ‘Educational Investment Incentive Tax’, and union education programs, combined with the value to our communities from the ‘Community Service Pay-Back Program’.