Enforce existing laws, and work quickly reform what doesn’t work, with particular attention to extend time limits on migrant worker visas in support of our agriculture and dairy industries.

DACA kids were raised here in America, and America is all they know or remember, and they are all contributing to America. They learn, they work, pay taxes and contribute to America, and many are serving in our military. And all DACA children have gone through an in depth vetting process before qualifying. I will work to make DACA an actual law with a path to citizenship, so these kids can be protected.

ICE must be re-tasked back to its original ICE’s primary mission is to “prevent acts of terrorism by targeting the people, money, and materials that support terrorist and criminal activities,” as described by the Department of Justice in 2004. NOT acting as an arm of this administrations fear mongering campaign to villainize asylum seekers, and hold them in what looks like concentration camps.

We need re-start and improve our programs providing aid helping to develop Central American countries so that their citizens don’t want to leave in the first place.