National Debt


I’ll start with the solution – my ‘Trickle-up’ economic plan. When you increase the ability for workers to gain news skills and get an education, and workers make a minimum of a Living wage and more, we invest in infrastructure that opens new markets and opportunity, and we make post-secondary education affordable with tuition payback through community service, you have created an economic model where emphasis is put on growing the Middle-class – the economic engine of any productive economy.

If more people are working at better paying jobs, and college graduates are spending money into the economy instead of on banks loans, they are all buying products, supporting business which creates more jobs, starting businesses, and all pay taxes based upon better incomes.

So all the factors that help to create a thriving Middle-Class, everyone paying their fair share in taxes – which includes repeal of the 2017 Tax (giveaway) Law, investment in infrastructure/growth projects, investments in our people, and reducing government size and waste while improving service levels, and more, all creating a significant return on our investment, and the ability to balance our budget and start paying down our national debt.

Our current administration’s fiscally conservative policies, which my opponent supports, are actually making our national debt worse by the minute.

Our national debt…
national debt