Public Lands


Idaho is NOT for sale!

We must keep public lands public and protected, accessible for hunting, recreation, and for ‘all’ our enjoyment. 

We are being lied to when told that public lands are a ‘states rights’ issue! They are trying to manipulate a mis-guided sense of ‘State Pride’ in ownership of our lands.

These lands are Paid for and managed with our Federal tax dollars!

So we ALREADY own these lands!! 

The real motivation here is to turn our lands over to State control – Idaho cannot afford to maintain and provide all the services that the Federal government provides, then the State admits they can’t afford to maintain our lands, so the State would then be “forced” to sell..!

Then they are sold off to commercial interests – And we’ve already seen what that does to our Idaho!

We must also protect ‘access‘ to our public lands –

Enhancing and enforcing ‘prescriptive easement’ laws to ensure existing fire service roads and other access roads remain open and usable by the public.

And to ensure that no Federal lands are ever land-locked.