Social Security


We have paid into these programs for our entire working lives and deserve to reap the benefits that we are due. Do not buy the nonsense that these programs are ‘entitlements’, but rather are programs that we paid in to, and actually are entitled to!

Most of the problems with Social Security are because Congress “borrowed” trillions of dollars in IOU’s from our Social Security and Medicare, with no apparent plan to pay it back.

The 2017 tax cut for the rich means that these IOU’s will be even more difficult to pay back to ‘our’ Social Security, unless we have a Senator that will actually fight to protect our money.

Especially now, in light of the huge costs from the attempt to manage the Covid-19 crisis, including the multi-trillion dollar aid packages, we should repeal the 2017 Tax cuts for any person or entity earning over $153,000, so that we can take care of our people in this time of crisis.