I have developed a ‘geo-fiscal living wage’ calculation, which considers the regional cost of living, affording people a living wage based upon the economy and COLA of the area in which they live. The ‘flat $15 per hour regardless of where you live’ proposal is impractical and doesn’t consider ‘real life’ scenarios – especially regional cost of living variables. The $15 per hour proposal may be too much for certain areas, causing unemployment and putting stress on some businesses that local markets may not support, whereas in many areas – even $15 per hour is not a living wage!

This plan uses phased implementation to ensure there are no layoffs, and that the market has time to respond in support of the local business, eliminating the negative effect on small to mid-sized employers and ensuring sustainable employment. Everyone wants to be self-sufficient, so we must remove the barriers to their success in a fair and practical way, and provide more opportunity for people to support themselves and their families.