Jim Vandermaas – US Senate

Virtual Meetings


Schedule a Virtual House Party, Meet & Greet, or a Private Group Meeting for your Club, Union, or any other Group.

We can also help you to facilitate Virtual Forums, Debates, and Town Halls.

Jim believes that when something like Covid-19 comes along, we rise to the challenge and find innovative ways to work-around it, and not let it beat us!  People are already using various products to video-conference for work, to keep in touch with family & friends, and to express ourselves on the internet.

We are using ‘Virtual Meetings’ to ensure you get to meet & learn about Jim, and more importantly, that Jim can learn about you!  And if there is any upside to this crisis, this actually gives more people the opportunity to actually meet their US Senate Candidate, and get to know Jim better!


30-Second Intro Video:


Would your group like to request that Jim virtually attend your meeting?

Sign up here to Request a Meeting by clicking this link.

Let us know;

  • Details about your group or organization
  • How many are expected to attend?
  • Preferred date or dates?
  • Time & duration of the whole meeting?
  • Expected time & duration of the Candidate’s part of your meeting.
  • Anticipated structure of your meeting
    • Meet & Greet,
    • Q & A (for Organizations, Unions, Community Groups, etc..),
    • ‘Forum’ (Usually two or more candidates, not necessarily opponents or same Office)
    • Town Halls (We will be planning several Town Halls, but encourage and work with any group or Community Leaders wanting to sponsor a Virtual Town Hall)



We will also be scheduling periodic public Town Hall style Virtual Meetings, and post them on our Virtual Meeting Calendar here.


Click the Calendar link above

  • Click on the event you are interested in attending, and a detail bubble will appear
  • Click on the more details>> link at the bottom left
  • There you will see the invitation link and logon details required to participate.

We hope to record our own Virtual Town Halls and make them available to you at a later date – time and storage space permitting.  We will not record any private group meetings. If we are able to make our meetings available to you, a Virtual Meeting Archive button and info will be added here.